We are excited to announce our partnership with Austin ISD to implement a new volunteer management platform at austinisd.voly.org. Please note that all volunteer registration for VOLY platform will start on August 8th, 2024. Austin ISD's VOLY portal will start accepting applications for specific volunteer and campus programs on August 15th, 2024.


Run for Team APIE in the 2024 Austin Marathon

Austin Partners in Education is honored to be an official Austin Marathon Gives Charity for the 2024 Austin Marathon. This year, the Marathon will take place on Sunday, February 18, 2024. In 2023, we raised over $32,000 through our team of runners, fundraisers, sponsors, and volunteers! We’re looking forward to surpassing that goal this year with your help on our GivenGain fundraising page.

If you plan on running in the upcoming Austin Marathon, we’d love to have you on Team APIE. Put your hard-earned miles to work by supporting Austin ISD students. As a bonus, the first 10 runners to raise $250 will receive free race registration, on us! Learn how to sign up on our Austin Marathon events page. If you have any runners in your life, please help spread the word about this opportunity.

In addition to running on Team APIE, here are some other ways you can support APIE and the 2,500+ students we serve each year!

FUNDRAISE: You don’t have to be a runner to join our fundraising team! We’re looking for 25 members this year. There’s no minimum to raise; every dollar counts!

GIVE: You can make a gift to our GivenGain fundraising page or support a specific runner and/or fundraiser’s campaign!

VOLUNTEER: Join us at our aid station on race day! This is a great one-time volunteer opportunity for individuals and groups to cheer on the runners and provide water. We will need at least 80+ volunteers this year. More information and a registration link are coming soon, so stay tuned.

SPONSOR: We are looking for businesses and organizations to sponsor Team APIE! There are several sponsorship levels with different benefits. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and get your company name in front of 80,000+ runners, volunteers, and spectators on race day. Download our sponsorship packet 了解更多。 

2023-24 Mentoring and Math Classroom Coaching Registration is Now Open

Registration for APIE Mentoring and Math Classroom Coaching (MCC) is now open. Mentoring is available at most Austin ISD middle and high schools, with the highest needs for bilignual and more male mentors. Math Classroom Coaching is being offered at four middle schools: Covington, Dobie, Martin, and Webb. Currently, our highest need for volunteers is at Covington Middle School.

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with APIE to support Austin ISD students! If you have any questions about volunteering with APIE, please email volunteer@austinpartners.org.

Note: Registration for School-Based Volunteer opportunities (not affiliated with APIE) is also open. Schools that are not listed are not offering volunteer opportunities at this time. Please contact campuses directly with any questions you have about School-Based volunteer opportunities.

APIE Stands with Uvalde, Texas

We are heartbroken over the loss of innocent lives at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, May 24. Austin Partners in Education stands in solidarity with the students, families, and entire community as they face this devastating tragedy. Children are a community’s most precious resource, and schools should be safe, welcoming spaces where they can learn and grow without fear.

As educators and parents, it can be difficult to speak with our students about tragic events. Our friends at Communities in Schools have compiled resources online to help children, families, and communities as they cope together at: ciscentraltexas.org/talkingtostudents. #UvaldeStrong

2022 APIE Champions Announced

We are pleased to share the winners of the 2022 APIE Champion awards. These individuals and groups have gone above and beyond to support Austin ISD students.  Our honorees embody what it means to serve with heart, and they inspire both students and the Greater Austin community. Congratulations to our APIE Champions!

APIE Volunteer Champion: Nigel Gombakomba

APIE Volunteer Champion: The University of Texas Pre-Dental Society

APIE Mentor Champion: Bianca Xoyamayagua-Galvan

MCC Above and Beyond Award: Joan Quenan

MCC Above and Beyond Award: Niles Seldon

APIE Support Champion: Nahum Pacheco

APIE Business Champion: A+ Federal Credit Union

APIE Secondary Coordinator of the Year: Sandra Zachary, Gus Garcia YMLA

APIE Elementary Coordinator of the Year: Bernardo Martinez, Wooten Elementary

APIE's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Austin Partners in Education is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure that as an antiracist organization we are moving our mission forward in an equitable way.   We are continuously reminded of the deep inequities that persist in our society and we recognize the importance of educating ourselves and examining our programs is crucial to being able to best serve our students.  To that end, we have partnered with The Inclusion Practice to engage in this important work in a sustainable way.  Our goal through these efforts is to support more positive and equitable outcomes in the workplace and for our students.

APIE在非营利组织类别中获得Austin Chamber的2020年大奥斯汀商业奖

我们很荣幸成为奥斯汀商会非营利组织大奥斯汀商业奖的获奖者。 2020年是20周年奥斯汀会议厅 颁发了大奥斯汀商业奖。这些奖项授予那些具有独特愿景,创新和最佳业务实践的企业和组织。要观看12月8日的视频颁奖典礼,请点击 这里。



在这些不确定的时期,APIE继续与奥斯汀ISD紧密合作,以探讨我们如何在2020-21学年为学生提供最佳支持。新学年的当前开学日期是9月8日,星期二。日历将以四个星期的远程学习开始,对于无法使用可靠技术或互联网连接的学生,前四个星期将有机会在校园内授课。要了解有关这些更改的更多信息,请访问Austin ISD的 网站.

与学区一样,我们认识到即将到来的学年的计划必须优先考虑学生,教育者和教职工的健康和安全。我们将遵循奥斯汀ISD的预防措施,以帮助减少COVID-19的传播,从而为我们的学生创造最安全的学习环境。我们仍然不知道我们的编程将如何受到混合学习模型的影响,但是我们将继续针对各种场景进行规划。当我们从Austin ISD了解更多信息时,我们将使社区保持最新状态。

最近的发现 西北评估协会(NWEA) 表明“ COVID幻灯片”或上一学年保留的知识流失会对所有学科的学生产生不利影响,尤其是数学方面。学生返回的数学学习成绩可能会少于50%,这比从暑假开始的正常情况下的观察结果要晚整整整整一年。除学习上的差距外,学生还将面临情感和社会挑战,因为他们中的许多人都经历了大流行造成的创伤。当学校恢复营业时,学生将需要个性化的关注,并且凭借超过15年的辅导和指导经验,APIE处于可以提供急需的支持的良好位置。

纵观我们的历史,APIE迅速进行了调整以支持Austin ISD,使我们的编程适应已确定的需求。当学校关闭并采用虚拟学习时,APIE员工将重点转移到为我们的大学准备课程的学生和参与GEAR UP的学生提供在线支持。像许多非营利组织一样,APIE受到COVID-19的财务影响。我们预计,由于我们的许多业务合作伙伴和个人支持者都面临着自己的财务挑战,因此这种财务困难将持续到整个今年的剩余时间。 我们需要您的帮助 确保我们的计划在今年秋天留给学生,那时他们比以往任何时候都需要我们的支持。

奥斯汀教育合作伙伴从大德克萨斯基金会获得$450,000,以支持AISD职业发展/ P-TECH扩展


来自美国的$450,000赠款 大德克萨斯基金会 (GTF)将支持奥斯汀教育合作伙伴(APIE)的努力,以建立一种模型来建立和扩展 奥斯丁ISD 在接下来的三年中。职业发展/ P-TECH计划为高中学生提供了毕业后获得生活工资职业所需的知识,技能和资格证书。投资于职业发展/ P-TECH计划可确保更多学生能够竞争其所在社区的有酬工作。

APIE通过“德克萨斯州学生成功之路”的建立计划,进行研究和开发一个模型框架,以满足需求,发现资源缺口并制定定制化的战略,以加强从中学阶段开始的学术支持。这将有助于建立学生流水线,然后他们可以成功地在高中上大学课程,并从具有副学士学位和/或特定行业证书的职业发展/ P-TECH计划中脱颖而出。

尽管由于COVID-19导致下一学年的不确定性,该计划仍将按计划于今年秋天进行。 APIE正在与学区和项目业务合作伙伴紧密合作,以针对现场,混合和在线教学场景调整教学方法。

APIE将把重点放在他们的项目研究上 阿金斯早期学院高中 (ECHS),它将在今年秋天启动两个新的Career Launch / P-TECH计划:与 奥斯汀房地产经纪人委员会 与奥斯丁ISD和三所当地大学合作的教学计划。 APIE与Akins ECHS建立了牢固的合作伙伴关系,并在过去十年中在该校园提供了其大学入学准备计划。

阿肯斯早期学院高中校长蒂娜·萨拉萨尔(Tina Salazar)说:“我们在APIE的大学准备项目中年复一年地看到了可靠的成绩,并认为这是我们校园成功的重要因素。” “随着我们的职业生涯启动/ P-TECH计划的下一阶段于今年秋天在Akins开始,APIE的帮助比以往任何时候都更加重要,这将使我们将我们的合作伙伴关系提升到一个新的水平。”

该项目反映了APIE对支持面临重大系统障碍的学生的承诺。在Akins ECHS,奥斯丁ISD的第二大中学,有2700多名学生,学生中西班牙裔占77.7%,黑人是5.7%。此外,有61.2%的人处于经济不利地位,有19%的人是英语学习者,还有12.8%的人接受特殊教育。

“得克萨斯州中部地区有三分之二的工作需要大专学历,但只有42%的年轻人完成了这些要求,这通常是因为他们面临着巨大的障碍,”凯茜·琼斯(Cathy Jones)博士说。奥斯汀教育合作伙伴执行董事说。 “通过参加职业发展/ P-TECH计划,学生将有机会获得高中和大学学分,同时从事基于工作的学习经验,这将为他们为中学后的学习做好准备。详细计划模型的开发意味着我们的工作不仅可以影响整个奥斯丁ISD的学生,而且还可以影响整个德克萨斯州的学生。我们感谢大德克萨斯基金会为我们的工作提供支持以及他们对所服务学生的长期承诺。”





Website Holiday Message - 400 x 700 px

Austin Partners in Education will be closed beginning Friday, December 22 and ending Friday, January 5. We will return to normal business hours on Monday, January 8. All emails, phone calls, and volunteer background check applications will be completed upon our return. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Happy Holidays!

Austin Partners in Education cerrará comenzando el viernes 22 de diciembre y hasta el viernes 5 de enero. Volveremos al horario comercial normal el lunes 8 de enero. Todos los correos electrónicos, llamadas telefónicas y solicitudes de verificación de antecedentes de voluntarios se completarán a nuestro regreso. Gracias por su paciencia y comprensión. ¡Felices Fiestas!