Happy Thanksgiving

All of us at Austin Partners in Education have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Our donors and funders make our dreams a reality and our work possible. We are so fortunate to have a shared mission of improving our community by supporting education. The people of Austin continue to amaze and surprise us with their commitment and generosity in  volunteering by the thousands. And the individual stories of student transformation come up daily as we work together in schools across the district.

It’s easy to feel gratitude. Especially when you get to know our volunteers. They give of themselves every week and, one student at a time, they change the world.

Spend this Thanksgiving getting to know one of our local heroes – Classroom Coach Bruce MacKenzie. Bruce coaches 8th grade Math and our College Readiness program. He recently attended an impressive ceremony at the Irwin Center where the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce named him our College Readiness Volunteer of the Year.

Double Bogie with Bruce MacKenzie on left and band mate Paul Grubb.

You may have already had the pleasure of meeting Bruce – he volunteers for numerous organizations here in Austin and he’s also getting attention with his band Double Bogie.

Congratulations Bruce, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We truly thank you. Today, and every day.