Secondary School Mentoring

Support a middle or high school student this year!

Why Be a Mentor?

Our mentors are caring adults who meet with students throughout the school year—helping them improve their social skills, strengthen their communication skills, and build self-confidence. They inspire students to develop new interests, explore career possibilities, and achieve their personal and academic goals.

Research from The Mentoring Center shows that youth participating in mentoring relationships:

  • Experience positive academic outcomes, including better attendance, better attitudes toward school, and increased likelihood of pursuing post-secondary opportunities.
  • Are less likely to engage in negative behaviors, such as initiating alcohol and drug use.
  • Have more positive social attitudes and relationships.

Advocating for my student and being a source of encouragement has been fulfilling as I can remember how tough high school was at times. Being able to celebrate his accomplishments and remind him that his hard work has helped create some tremendous opportunities has been impactful as well. I love being able to affirm his intellect and his work ethic, and I can see his confidence grow with every season!

Sam D.

I like talking to my mentor because she listens, and she thinks I’m funny. Nobody else really does that.

Miguel H.

I dove into mentoring, thinking that I was going to be the one who would be making a difference. I soon learned that I had opened the door and had a new person in my life who would not only expand my horizons but make me laugh and with whom sharing a weekly lunch is the highlight of my week.

Brenda B.

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What We Look for in a Mentor

APIE Mentors should be able to commit to an hour each week throughout the school year to meet with their student and be available to attend an orientation training. Mentors should also be:

Positive, Caring Adults

Good Listeners

Accepting and Supportive

What You Can Expect

Our Mentoring volunteers have a support network to help guide them through the mentoring process. Before our volunteers meet with students, they receive an initial training on mentoring from APIE’s School Connections Manager. This training provides an introduction to supportive strategies to build effective mentoring relationships, as well as guidelines and policies for volunteering in AISD schools.

After attending the training, volunteers will work with the Mentor Coordinator at their chosen campus. They will match the volunteer with a student and will provide ongoing support.

Why Support Mentoring?

Your gift helps us pair more Austin ISD students with caring adults who can become a part of their support network. Research shows that all school-aged children can benefit socially, emotionally, and academically from consistent mentoring relationships.

Participating Campuses

APIE Mentors can volunteer at any Austin ISD middle or high school. To learn more about these schools, visit

AISD Elementary Schools

To learn more about these schools, visit the AISD website here

AISD Students are Looking for Mentors

Are you interested in providing guidance and support to middle or high school students? If so, consider signing up to be an APIE mentor! There is a high need for mentors at middle and high schools—some campuses even have waiting lists. Just 30 to 45 minutes of your time each week can help put students on the path to succeed in school and beyond. Be who you needed when you were younger!


Volunteer opportunities are now closed for the 2022-2023 school year.

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