College Readiness

Eliminating barriers to college access by preparing students for academic achievement

What is College Readiness?

Ensuring Students are College Ready

Students meet with their APIE College Readiness Advocate during the school day to build their skills in reading, writing, and math to prepare for the Texas Success Initiative assessment. Through small group instruction, Advocates customize student support and build meaningful relationships to encourage students every step of the way.

When students meet college readiness standards, they are eligible to enroll in college-level coursework in Austin ISD Early College High School programs or other higher education institutions, beginning their journey to post-secondary success.

Looking back on the three successful years I have had, I cannot see them happening without you. Without the persistence you showed me and pushing me to take the college readiness test...I believe those are the reasons as to why I continued my education to get to where I am today.

Manuel P., College Readiness Program

Our Impact on College Readiness

Students Meeting College Readiness Standards

APIE students perform better on STAAR and TSI exams than their non-APIE peers.

Significantly greater percentages of APIE participants met TSI college readiness than a matched comparison group and seniors across the district.

APIE’s College Readiness Program supports grades 8-12 at select middle and high schools.


Comparison 37%
All Seniors 55%
APIE Participants 62%


Comparison 29%
All Seniors 44%
APIE Participants 62%

ELA & Math

Comparison 21%
All Seniors 37%
APIE Participants 50%

4 out of 10 students enter college without the skills to succeed.

But we can help.

Too many students are entering college without the academic skills they need to succeed. By participating in our program, students are able to build the skills that will propel them to success. 

Participating in our College Readiness Program provides the academic coaching students need to:

Enhance Learning Skills & Strategy

Think Critically

Master Academic Content

Navigate Higher Education

Support Students' Paths to Higher Education