APIE volunteer registration for Math Classroom Coaching and Mentoring opens in August.

APIE volunteer registration closes in early March. This provides students with consistency, so they have a higher number of sessions with the same volunteer.

Our Math Classroom Coaching program currently supports middle school math classes at four Austin ISD campuses. Historically, our Mentoring program has supported all Austin ISD students from kindergarten through 12th grade. However, beginning in the 2020-21 school year, we have transitioned to 6th through 12th grades. If you have any questions about elementary mentoring, please contact David Torres, AISD’s Mentoring Coordinator at (512) 414-0544 or david.torres@austinisd.org.

Our programming takes place during the school day. For Math Classroom Coaching, classes take place in the mornings and afternoons during math class. Volunteers are able to choose the class time that works best with their schedule. For Mentoring, sessions usually take place during the student’s lunch time but can vary depending on the campus. We do not currently have campus volunteer opportunities after school or on the weekends.

No, we are unable to provide our volunteers with transportation to and from Austin ISD campuses.

After signing up to volunteer, you will receive a confirmation email. Once your background check has been processed and you are approved, you will receive an email about attending a volunteer training. 

After completing training, Math Classroom Coaches will begin volunteering. They will receive weekly communication from their Math Classroom Coaching Coordinator. Mentors will be connected with the Mentor Coordinator at their chosen school, who will match them with a student to mentor and will serve as their point of contact going forward. 

Yes, you will need to sign up each year for Math Classroom Coaching and Mentoring volunteer opportunities. 

We recommend that mentors commit to an entire school year to provide consistency for students. We  prefer that Math Classroom Coaches commit to an entire school year. However, if a Math Classroom Coach can only commit to one semester (fall or spring), please sign up anyway!

For Math Classroom Coaching, please contact our Math Classroom Coaching Coordinator, Sandy Bootz, at sbootz@austinpartners.org. For Mentoring, please contact our School Connections Manager, Wen Nguyen, at wnguyen@austinpartners.org.


Volunteer registration opens in early August. Sign up for our Summer Waitlist to get notified when volunteer opportunities are available for the upcoming school year.


Yes, you may volunteer at any Austin ISD campus listed on our website. Only volunteer opportunities marked as “Family Only” are restricted. Contact the specific campus for details.


您的礼物将直接用于APIE与最需要我们帮助的Austin ISD学生的辅导和指导工作。



Yes. Please indicate on the notes space of the donation form that you would like your gift to be directed to APIE’s Math Classroom Coaching, Mentoring, or College Readiness program.




要求学区获得某些志愿者的犯罪历史记录信息(《 TX教育法》第22.083节)。为校园访问者执行的安全检查(猛禽)筛选不满足获取犯罪历史信息的法律要求,因为它仅检查注册为性犯罪者,而不是全部犯罪历史。

当您在志愿者注册页面上输入电子邮件地址时,会出现一个框,询问您是否授权我们进行背景调查。通过授权给我们,您的信息将提交给我们的背景调查公司True Hire。


3级 –司机:申请人被批准带自己的孩子和其他学生参加校园活动。

2级 –监督程度低或无监督的志愿者:与学生一起工作而没有AISD员工直接监督的志愿者。

1级 –高监督志愿者:将在有员工在场并与学生互动的校园环境中工作的志愿者。

不批准 –申请人不能通过APIE自愿参加。如果要求,志愿者可以每年进行一次背景调查。

要查看通关等级和标准的完整列表, 点击这里.



您会在邮件中收到一封信件,以及一封带有背景调查状态的电子邮件。电子邮件和信件将为您提供True Hire的联系信息,后者可以与您一起查看您的报告。



您将获得背景调查公司True Hire的联系信息。他们将审查您的结果,并就您关于犯罪历史报告的任何问题进行解答。如果您的结果不正确,他们将引导您完成相应文档的提交过程。如果进行了任何更改,True Hire将发送APIE官方文档并调整您的背景调查级别。请注意,如果您对结果提出异议,只有APIE的适当人员才能完全酌情审阅您的犯罪记录报告。学校和/或服务组织的协调员将不会收到通知。

While your background check is valid for 3 years, you must sign up through APIE’s website every school year. Once you go through our registration process, your name will appear on the volunteer coordinator’s list for that specific opportunity.


Our registration process requires the use of an email for security purposes and as a primary source of contact. 

Unfortunately, every volunteer is required to have their own unique email address to be processed in our system. 

您可以联系您想参加志愿服务的学校的志愿协调员,并寻求帮助。或者,您可以致电我们的办公室,我们将为您提供帮助。我们的电话是 (512) 637-0900.

What if I am not currently employed? The Employer Name field is required for me to complete in order to proceed.

If you are not currently employed, retired, a student, etc., please put NA (Not Applicable). 

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Austin Partners in Education will be closed beginning Friday, December 22 and ending Friday, January 5. We will return to normal business hours on Monday, January 8. All emails, phone calls, and volunteer background check applications will be completed upon our return. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Happy Holidays!

Austin Partners in Education cerrará comenzando el viernes 22 de diciembre y hasta el viernes 5 de enero. Volveremos al horario comercial normal el lunes 8 de enero. Todos los correos electrónicos, llamadas telefónicas y solicitudes de verificación de antecedentes de voluntarios se completarán a nuestro regreso. Gracias por su paciencia y comprensión. ¡Felices Fiestas!