Enero es el mes nacional de la tutoría

On January 3rd, President Barack Obama issued a proclamation designating January as National Mentoring Month. “Every day, mentors help young Americans face the challenges of growing into adulthood. By setting a

photo of City Manager Marc Ott mentoring

City Manager Marc Ott has mentored with Austin Partners in Education for several years.

positive example and sharing their time, knowledge, and experience, mentors play an essential role in preparing our Nation’s youth for a bright future. During National Mentoring Month, we celebrate the contributions of all those who cultivate a supportive environment for the next generation, and we recommit to expanding mentorship opportunities across our country,” he said.

 Mentoring doesn’t require special skills, just an ability to listen and to offer friendship, guidance and encouragement to a young person. There is solid evidence that effective mentoring programs can improve academic behaviors, reduce the incidence of substance use and lower drop-out rates.

 Austin Partners in Education currently has 800 mentors serving Austin students. Mentors receive training on ways to engage their students and facilitate a durable relationship that positively impacts students’ attitudes about school and their future.

Today, on Martin Luther King Day, won’t you commit to becoming a mentor for an Austin student?

 Pat Abrams,

Director ejecutivo