Salute is an annual event hosted by ऑस्टिन आईएसडी and Austin Partners in Education to honor the district’s outstanding team members for their continued dedication to student excellence and achievement in our schools. Honored at this special celebration are Teachers of the Year, Teachers of Promise, Librarian, Counselor, Classified Staff, Assistant Principal and Principal of the Year and PTAs.

The Salute 2023 Celebration was held on Wednesday, May 10 at the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center, located at 1500 Barbara Jordan Blvd. This award ceremony honored the great work of our district staff and formally recognized award finalists and winners.

Local businesses underwrite Salute each year, making the event possible. Special thanks to the Salute 2023 Sponsors for their support!

ऑस्टिन छात्रों के लिए दरवाजे खोलें

आपका उपहार छात्रों को कॉलेज, करियर और जीवन में सफल होने का कौशल और आत्मविश्वास देता है।