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Our Math Classroom Coaching model transforms whole class instruction into small learning teams with one adult volunteer matched with four or fewer students. Volunteers work throughout the school year with an assigned group of students for 1 hour, once weekly, during the school day. Students are supported with high-engagement learning activities in reading or math that provide opportunities for structured practice and safe, supportive feedback. 

APIE Volunteers receive:

  • Instructional lessons with easy-to-follow activities
  • Initial and on-going training to support your work with students
  • On-going support from a dedicated APIE Campus Coordinator
  • In-class guidance from teachers
  • Opportunities to know and care for a small group of students
  • Opportunities to network with other volunteers

8th Grade Math Classroom Coaching is a structured, whole class program that helps students increase their understanding and confidence in math by:

  • Matching volunteers with a group of 2-4 students for 1 hour per week during the school day
  • Improving familiarity with grade-level math objectives
  • Building student confidence in mathematical problem-solving
  • Expanding mathematical vocabulary
  • Providing feedback and support to 8th graders in 7 AISD schools